The Art of DESIRE

What makes me want to reach for you in the middle of the night?   What makes me begin to feel that familiar vibrating warmth moving up my inner thighs and into everything that makes my sex amazing?

It’s a worthy topic.  Because if you and I know where this comes from when it comes up unexpectedly, we can create it at our will.  Pretty much every time.



“But the world is falling apart and the political climate has me shut down…”

Yes, dear one.  These things may be true and because of this, it’s our responsibility to further our practice and studies of connection with ourselves and each other.  Read on for the solution to all our human woes.

“But my husband/wife/partner/lover hasn’t expressed desire for me in years…”

Oh, Goodie!  Something we can change today.  Let’s fix that, shall we?   Because great sex is like breathing.  It is a very necessary part of our lives.  We can hold it for a while, some of us longer than others and sometimes, that’s required by our life circumstances- but really,  we all need great, consensual, amazing, balancing, mind blowing, wet, sweet, rockin’ sensuality and sex in our lives.

Here’s the tool you want to keep with you at all times:  You are worthy.  You are MORE than enough.  You are already a sex god and/or sex goddess – you just need to allow yourself to be in your own body fully and without apologies or fear.  You’ve got it goin’ on, baby.   The sexiest among us know these things.  We move through the world in every body shape, size and color.  Sensuality and sexiness are based on how we feel about ourselves and how we work it.  PERIOD.

Oh, wait a minute.  You said you feel desire when you see airbrushed pictures of hot young women or men online or in the magazines?   That’s not sensual desire, my friend.  That’s a learned response to good marketing and tight young bodies.  And yes, they’re hot BUT true sensual desire is lusting for who you are and if you have a partner, it also means expansive desire and curiosity about who you’re partnered with or sharing yourself with as a lover.

What does it mean to be a Desire Artist?  It means you’re curious.  You’re curious about how your own body feels and reacts and senses and responds.  You’re curious about how another person’s warm breath on  your inner thighs makes you hard, wet and craving touch so intensely you’re sure you’ll beg for it… and then… mmmmmmmm.   There it is,  warm fingers and wet tongue on the very essence of your sexual being.  Or the inquiry of moving your hips and desire toward the source of pleasure whether it’s your Magic Wand, Pocket Pussy, coconut oiled fingers or the confident touch of your lover(s).  It’s all about having the intention to be real, moving in and from your core self, knowing your boundaries and pushing your edges here and there.   That’s what makes you a Desire Artist.

A Goddess friend of mine recently said, “My orgasms aren’t just about getting to it.  My orgasms are fucking masterpieces!”   Hell, YES!   YES! YES! YES!   Our orgasms, male or female, are fucking masterpieces.  Literally.

Now, can we wrap our enormous brains around the fact that our artistic, curiosity fueled AMAZING ORGASM can be brought forth on the tip of a finger?  Yes.  On a suggestion or great makeout sesh?  Yes.  May it be so for all of us.

The deep inquiry of my sensuality and sexuality with my partner can send me into panty changing wetness when he places just a fingertip in that luscious space that just begins to part my lips and gain him access to other galaxies in the form of “Please just do me hard” and other various requests and offerings.

So here’s the tool from the Desire Toolbox today.  Fill in the blanks and keep it close, dear sensual and sexual artist.  This alone can change the pulse of you and everyone around you.  Try it for a few days and let me know what you find.

My Sensual Self Mantra:

I am deeply sensual and sexy.

I allow myself to feel everything.

I am a sensual / sexual artist at __________________________ (name it and own it).

I crave my own ________________________________________ and so do others.

I fully show up in my vibrant, sensual life – and it feels so good.

Do it Differently.

Yes.  You Can.



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