Goddess Manifesto

Who are we when we rise up and help each other rise?  


Who are we when we open our wings wide, wider, keep opening them, a little more…  Yes, you can.


Who are we when we welcome each other to do the same, knowing in our deep wisdom and trust there is more than enough room for each of us to be our shiniest, biggest and most whole selves?


Who are we when we trust ourselves and each other?


Who are we when we admit we can heal ourselves and don’t need to carry the trauma anymore?


Who are we when we let go of that tight holding under our hearts and allow ourselves to be BOTH vulnerable and loving so we can connect our heart space to our power, sex and ground and then make love to another?


Who are we when we sing, howl, dance, speak, write and create?


Who are we when we simply know and let it be enough?


Who are we when we tell children with our witchy gleam that they are lovable, powerful, magical, brilliant and capable beings and we are so grateful they are learning and becoming everything?


Who are we when we tell ourselves and our lovers these things?


All of this is who and what we are.  At our CORE we are the truth of compassionate love and devotion.  First, First, First we must be this for and in ourselves.  Only then can we share it out in the ways these things are meant to be shared; without the stories, the projections, the harm and self flagellation.  Who we ARE in our CORE is meant to be held open to ourselves first and then shared openly with others in the boundaries we set for ourselves.


You are magical and amazing and brilliant and kind. You are bold and powerful in the truth of who you are.  We are all connected.  We aren’t doormats or sheep.  We are everything and nothing.  


We are showing up to fully experience, learn and grow.  

Take my breath away.  Fully accept my intrigue and curiosity and inquiry.  Make me giggle and swoon.  Hold my desire in your belly and let it merge with yours until the entire room and building and ground and air are full and it’s all we can smell.  See me and I’ll practice allowing myself to be seen.  Let me see you and I’ll offer healing and compassion and whatever facet of infinite love is real and present in this moment.  


A mantra for right now.  Notice what you feel in your body as you read and breathe this.  


I am healthy.

I am whole.

I am loving.

I am lovable.

I am desirable.

I am desiring.  

I am sensual.

I am powerful compassion.

I am deep connection.

I am Goddess.

I am lit up shadow in sultry undulation.

I am elements and intellect.

I am magical.

I am worth every bit of all of it.  

I am what love craves to be.

I am in a dance with moon, waves and sun.

I am here, present, feeling everything.

I am devotion.

My wings are fully open.

I AM this vibrant, sexy life.


And so it is.

Live it.



(Photo Credit:  Oil painting by Leonid Afremov from the collection, Passion)

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