What If….

I don’t love you anymore.  


I don’t think you’re telling me the truth.  

You’re lying!

You never do the laundry or clean the fish tank.  

We have this same argument over and over and over.

You just make it so hard to live in this house with you.

The sex isn’t even that great.

I’m sorry.  It just can’t be fixed.

I’ve felt this for a long time.

I feel trapped.  I can’t breathe.

I hate you.

This is over.  Get out!

No way.  There’s just no way.  

Is there growth here?  I’m not growing anymore.

Your words are abusive.

Don’t touch me.

We have changed and served our purpose for each other.

What do you want from me?  Nothing I do is right for you.

Who are you?  I don’t recognize who you’ve become.  I don’t know you anymore.

Why can’t you just_________…

Are you having an affair?

I don’t even remember who I am anymore.  


I have said or thought all of these.  Every one and more.  Many more with lots of swear words.  How about you?  Are any of these phrases familiar?


What if…


What if we could move through these feelings and into something better together?


What’s the secret?  It’s nothing I or anyone else can sell you.  That’s a bummer because most of us have learned we can just purchase something, swallow something or buy a service that will “fix” whatever doesn’t feel good.  


In this case, you have total control and total access right now.  Free today only and every day.  


The secret is self.  The secret is being present in your core self; being present in that place inside you where only your compassionate truth and wholeness shine and your wings open wide, wider… because in this place, none of the stories can get enough air to survive.  The stories die.  Our compassionate truth is all that can live here.


The secret -the answer- is different than most of our society has learned to think or feel.  We have learned over and over again that our happiness comes from *out there*, somewhere else.  We’ve been lied to, marketed to, told by people we trust in tiny whispers in our ears – we aren’t enough.  

We’ve bought into the idea of our happiness coming from shopping in the right places, eating the right food, exercising more than enough, looking-smelling-feeling a certain way, being an impossible standard of Photoshop beautiful and wealthy beyond measure.

This is why most of us have no idea if we are happy or miserable but much of the time we *think* ourselves into feeling trapped, sad, ugly, stupid, fat, worthless and stuck – with just tiny moments here and there of vibrant good life, work and love.  

These are the lies we chose to carry until today.  

Try this 3 second tool to fix this harmful pattern and amp up your awareness of your own ability to lead a powerfully vibrant life.

Breathe in and fill up.

Let the stories go as you breathe out.  

Simply notice what’s happening in your body, your core self and brain as you allow yourself to feel what’s real.


Please use this amazing tool frequently.  

Next, read this so you really see it:   

This vibrant, magical, WINGS WIDE OPEN, sensual, playful, fully feeling life is already yours.  


It can feel kind of scary when we remember or learn this truth.  


There’s nothing that can make us happier, sexier, more loving or lovable than what we are right now.  We have all the tools for a bold, powerful, vibrant life; we just need to remember to use them.  For real.  Why wait?   Perfect is what you are RIGHT NOW.  This is real.  The you of RIGHT NOW is PERFECT and this vibrant life is all about experiencing and learning as we go.   


Notice your thoughts.  Are you saying, “YES!  I’m ready!” or “This is crazy.  This makes no sense.”?  Either way, what you think becomes your truth so let’s get you to the places you want to be, not the places you have learned to fit into and are far less than you deserve.


The magic, the interweaving and connection with all things, all beings, begins and ends with me, with you, with each other.  

The truth is, it’s not that we don’t love our partners anymore. It’s that we have forgotten to love ourselves first.  

Do you want more practice?  I’ve posted a meditation you can listen to for free and purchase if you want to own it.  

Blessings on this journey of moving through the patterns and into the vibrant sensual life that has been waiting for you to notice and live it out loud.


(Photo Credit:  Hamid Shibata Bennett)


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