Sex and Rush Hour

I am, quite unfortunately, not having sex while stuck in this traffic.


Now that I’ve said that out loud I would like to take a moment of silence for all of us to have that little fantasy of better ways to be in gridlocked traffic in our own special style….


Sigh…Coming back to reality in 3, 2, 1…


I am noticing, however, this traffic jam being very much like sex.  


What does this Goddess think of while inching forward on the expressway?


Well, now you know what I think about most of the time;

how we show up in this life

how we relate with each other in the world and

how we can do it better.  

Oh, and great intimacy and sex, of course.  


The outcome of having time in slow traffic to consider the accident a mile ahead:


First, this extra time in slowness is a huge gift.  We don’t give ourselves the gift of slowing down.  It feels good when we surrender to it.  Getting mad and honking isn’t moving this line of cars any faster.  I take a moment to consider all of the people now involved in this accident, me included.  


At least 2 people somewhere in front of me have collided.


One or both of them either did not pay attention or misjudged their current position and they merged into each other causing at the very least a delay in their forward momentum and at the worst, physical harm.


You see what I’m getting at here.


This unfortunate mishap may have been entirely avoided if both of them had been in their core presence to:


Slow down

Be more attentive to their current position

Look out for each other

Not assume everyone else was looking out for them


I think I’m going to start a driver’s ed class for adults. Only it will actually be about sex.  


Do we drive the same way we relationship?  The same way we have sex?   


What would your relationship, sex and driving look like, feel like, if you slowed down?


What would happen in your relationship, sex and driving if you took a moment as you merged into the day to just check in with yourself?   And each other?


What changes would you find in your relationship if you noticed what’s really happening for  you and your partner(s) during the day with a gentle:


“What stories am I letting shadow my work, life or love right now?”

“What can I do to show up vibrantly for myself today?”


and asking your partner(s):


“What’s lit up for you right now?”

“What can I do to be part of a solution for you right now, Lover?”  


Finally, don’t assume everyone is looking out for us.   


This is about taking personal responsibility for how we show up, how we engage ourselves and each other.   


Be compassionate truth without the stories that make us grope for control.   This creates better interactions, better sex and reduces road rage.   


All good things.  


Now I’m going to go distract my partner-husband-lover and see if he’ll come out to the driveway with me….


I dedicate our devoted research to your playfulness, connection, sensual edge pushing and your growth as a compassionate human being unafraid to love and be loved.


Live it.






Any questions or comments?  We would love to hear your thoughts ❤.  


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