Desire Toolbox and Come Together For Life (on fb) were created to support your journey in:

◇ Self Awareness

◇ Deeper Connection

◇ Vibrant Life, Love, Sensuality, Intimacy and Sex

◇ Better Relationships

We know you’re smart, amazing, luscious, lovable and here to practice being your best, whole, powerfully loving and sexy self.

We have a lot to learn from each other.   

Thank you for honoring yourself and each of us here by being:

□  Real

□  Respectful

□  Open to greater understanding of yourself

Thank you for joining us on this crazy, vulnerable, sometimes(very!) awkward, always fascinating, super sensual path to our best life, work, love and sex. They are all interwoven.  

I have practiced for over 28 years as a student (always a student), practitioner and teacher of unity, domina, better relationships, great sex and deep sensuality.  

My partner-husband-lover, David, has been working, creating and living in non-monogamous, kink, touch positive and sex positive communities for over two decades.  

We also have long standing backgrounds in medical and IT but to be honest, this work is deep, intense, more playful and we always love bringing our work home with us!

We teach all over the world and live in the Pacific Northwest.  There are podcasts and a retreat center and all the good things and you know what matters at the end of the day?  Getting into bed together and just being grateful.

We have a real life, just like you.  We have companies that require many hours of work, teenagers, electric bills, things tossed in the bottom of our closets, not always clean bathrooms.  We make time every day to practice being vibrant, loving, grateful, compassionate, sensual people.  And even though our lives are focused on intimacy, we sometimes lose our minds and yell at each other. We practice coming back to  fully living this one amazing life. It only takes a few minutes.  It’s just being open to being real. You’re already doing it just by being here.

☆  Ask anything.  

☆  Private message us.  

☆  Every culture, color, gender, non gender, belief system, history, age, etc. is welcome here.  You are human ( at least partially, all you aliens, faeries, angels…)  and you are needed in the world.  Your love, intelligence and sexiness are needed in the world.

☆  Email us here on the contact form or at


We will offer specific tools you can use right now to grow, unfold, open your wings, step in to your powerful love, sensuality and sexiness.  

We will sometimes post information about our events, workshops and retreats.  Hop in or ignore them.  

The purpose of this is simply to guide us all to more love.  We believe that more love in the world is a really good thing.  

Thank you for being here.  

Contact us if you’re interested in having us come teach, facilitate or create a retreat for you.

We look forward to knowing you and supporting your vibrant life, work and love  ❤.